January 16, 2022

Index of Poems

For the Red-Bellied Lemur – and all his friends and relations
The Anvil
There are so many stones in the road
In Praise of Backpeddling
Birds Before Winter…
The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring…Tra-La
Sonnet for a Suffering Planet
Those Roads Taken
Sonnet for a Suffering Planet
In Tatters and Barefoot…
Of A May Morning
National Poetry Month
If I Were Truly Happy
Nostalgia–a sonnetina
The Boasting Pinnochio
[You Think You Think]
Song for Fifty-five Dolphins Slaughtered Because They Did Not Fit
On the Evolution of Fears
A Caroling Christmas ABC for Potato Lovers Everywhere
That Feeling
Ordinary Magic
The Mindful Art of Overcoming
An Ordinary Day is a Very Special Event
The Enemy is Everywhere
Never Again a Rough Night
For the Birds I
Ornithological Reflections
In Praise of Useful Detours
A Wee Dram of High-Minded Doggerel [for Jeremy Corbyn]
Rain Miniatures: A Diptych
Truth Tends to Kindness
Reflections On Duopoly
The Coming Legion
Lassus Sum Come Boxing Day
Cyclical Solstice Refrain
De Profundis
Now That November is Gone
Thanksgiving – Alan’s Tree
[Like a Candle Flame or Mantra]
From the Notebooks of Diogenes
Confessions of a Six-Day Vegan
Dandelions, Lamb’s Quarters,…
The Escargot & I
The Watershed
Who Can Resist The Rain?
August Is Upon Us
Mid-summer Intuitions
Pachydermic Grammar
Freeing the Night Moth
If Not Now, When?
The Goat Diptych
June By The Sea
Let Fractals Fall Where They May
To Put One’s Mind At Ease
Homage to John Muir
More Than Mere Metaphor Is April
A Fundamental Spring Thing
Water, A Triptych
Two Vignettes (March)
[Now it would be a lie]
Wish We Were All Goin’ To The Dogs
Tree Of Life
A Golden Silence
[Right now. Like breaking news.]
A Lopsided Valentine
Love Letter to the San Peoples
Pity For The Loveless
Pagentry Of The Dark Ages
Green Prayer
Reminiscence At Sunset
An Agnostic Christmas Carol
The Errand Spirit Visits
An Agnostic Christmas Carol
Toward A More Delicate Diplomacy (For Shawn)
Millenial Remake: Once Upon A Tomorrow
Cry Havoc…
Millenial Ophelia
The Falls
The Egg Farm
…Uh, Is It An Election Year Already?