September 18, 2021

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan to UN: The world’s conscience seems to be on ‘silent’ mode

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“What does it say about our common humanity, when last year alone the world spent close to 1.7 trillion dollars on arms, but fell short by less than 1.7 billion in fulfilling the UN appeal to support Syrian refugees and host communities in countries like Jordan? What does it say when trillions are spent waging wars in our region, but little to take our region to safer shores?”

By JT – Sep 22,2017 – Last updated at Sep 22,2017 AMMAN – Delivering Jordan’s address at the 72nd Session of UN General Assembly on Thursday, HRH Crown Prince Hussein said that although Jordan is proud of its good reputation worldwide, “kind words don’t balance budgets, build schools or bolster employment”. He said that he stood…