September 26, 2021
Youth montage

Sanders’ Youth Revolution: Who Will They Support?

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History has proven that young people’s votes matter: In 2012, for example, at least 80 electoral votes were dependent upon voters under 30, according to Circle data. Without the youth vote, the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, which supported Obama that year, would have gone red. Mitt Romney could have become president.

In the YouGov poll, 32 percent of Sanders supporters under 30 said they’d choose a third-party option if the senator didn’t make the ballot.

For many young Sanders supporters, however, getting a victory in the 2016 presidential election is no longer the point. It’s about 2020 — and beyond.

EA News commentary: The poll conducted here may be informal, but the results show that nine out of 29 students categorically support the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein and two others would pick between her and another candidate. That gives Dr. Stein the largest wedge of supporters when it comes to this sampling of young Bernie Sanders voters.