September 18, 2021
donald trump puzzle

Donald Trump unleashes a blitzkrieg of bile in an attempt to exploit fear for votes

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Trump’s response to the tragedy in Orlando has been anything but presidential. While more sober voices have urged a calm, but determined response to this latest mindless act of violence, he has advocated a wild-eyed, scatter-shot approach that seeks to damage as many targets as possible with the anger and resentment that are the foundation of his campaign.

He ignored the fact gunman Omar Mateen was an American born in New York, portraying him instead as a foreign intruder allowed into the country by slipshod immigration policies crippled by political correctness. He all but called U.S. President Barack Obama a traitor, implying none too subtly that the president of the United States secretly sympathizes with radical Islam. He heaped praise on himself while insisting he sought no praise. He widened his call for a ban on Muslims entering the country to a ban on entry from any country where there had been a terrorist attack, a blockade so sweeping it would presumably include Canada and much of the Western world. Once residents of Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and large parts of Africa had been forbidden entry into the U.S., who does the Republican nominee figure would be left?