For Children All Over The World, 2017 Was Defined by War

War is defined by noise. It is earthshattering. The sounds of exploding bombs and gunfire, of screams and pain: these are the aural coordinates of battlefields. The modern battlefield is not defined by remoteness. The new battlefield is often in the middle of a city…

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Trump’s Big Charlottesville Violence Statement Fail

It has almost become a cliche now and punchline on Twitter: every time President Donald Trump gives a scripted speech that seems more Presidential someone on cable declares: “This is the day Donald Trump became President.” If so, some now suggest, yesterday was the day Donald Trump stopped being President because of his glaringly insufficient statement…

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The futile vanities of Trump’s “mother of all bombs”

President Donald Trump’s “mother or all bombs” – the world’s biggest non-nuclear weapon – dropped on remote mountains in unfortunate Afghanistan has pulverized rocks, shattered local ecology and destroyed the habitat of rare animal and other species. It completely shattered everything in a one-mile radius and has affected life in an almost 30-mile periphery. It may…

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Give Peace Science a Chance

Stop Wars, choose peace

We are at a stage in human history where we can say with confidence that there are better and more effective alternatives to war and violence. Despite a perception of overwhelming violence, which is true in parts of the world, humans have also figured out alternatives. Building peace in theory and practice is becoming increasingly professionalized. Peace Science, as one of the founding fathers of the field Johan Galtung states, is the research and theory guiding peace workers to produce a more enduring and positive peace.

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