Does America have a caste system?

In the United States, inequality tends to be framed as an issue of either class, race or both. Consider, for example, criticism that Republicans’ new tax plan is a weapon of “class warfare,” or accusations that the recent U.S. government shutdown was racist…

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‘The help never lasts’: why has Mexico’s education revolution failed?

Education was meant to be president Enrique Peña Nieto’s flagship policy. Yet salaries are still being paid to ‘ghost teachers’ who never enter a classroom, while children lack the tools – and sometimes even the food – they need to learn

Fran works six days a week in fast food, and yet she’s homeless: ‘It’s economic slavery’

Fran Marion and Bridget Hughes are leading voices in Stand Up Kansas City, part of the Fight for $15 movement that aims raise the minimum wage across the US

Ninety-five Theses Against the Democratic and Republican Duopoly

by Shawn C. Gay, Ph.D. Founder, Earth Advocacy News EA News note: A pdf version of this publication is available here. Please share the URL or pdf version of this post if you find it useful and informative. November 1, 2016 In the spirit of Martin Luther, this list of theses has been compiled as … Read moreNinety-five Theses Against the Democratic and Republican Duopoly

World must tackle intolerance and exclusion, says Social Progress Index

US scores low on Social Progress Index

Finland came top and Central African Republic bottom of the index, which ranks 133 countries for how they meet citizens’ social and environmental needs