“I Just Want to Tell My Son I Love Him”

by Kavitha Surana LOS FRESNOS, Texas — Calling from an unreliable phone at the Port Isabel Detention Center, her voice sounds muffled, and far away. To be understood, she needs to keep repeating herself. For her to hear the person calling, they need to yell. Blanca wishes more than anything else that it was her … Read more“I Just Want to Tell My Son I Love Him”

Here’s What It’s Like to Work at a Shelter for Immigrant Kids

by Kavitha Surana and Robert Faturechi BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The employees were in the ninth hour of another 12-hour shift Saturday afternoon at a converted Walmart now housing immigrant boys when a teenage resident took off. Staff members at the Casa Padre shelter had been trying for weeks to connect the 15-year-old with family. It … Read moreHere’s What It’s Like to Work at a Shelter for Immigrant Kids

The refugee crisis isn’t about refugees. It’s about us

I was a child refugee, writes the Chinese artist and activist. I know how it feels to live in a camp, robbed of my humanity. Refugees must be seen to be an essential part of our shared humanity

Immigration attorneys warn against using the term ‘climate refugee’

With so much destruction from this season’s hurricanes in the Caribbean, there are going to be a lot of people on the move — looking to start their lives in new places. We’ve already seen mass movements of people from areas plagued by drought, floods or storms. Many casually refer to these people as “climate refugees.”…

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Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbors

If we take the time to get to know one another, we’ll find that we don’t have to live in fear. By Domenica Ghanem FEBRUARY 8, 2017 OtherWords.org   For a South Jersey girl, my upbringing was markedly ordinary. I played soccer. I joined student council. I walked to my Sicilian grandmother’s house every day … Read moreGet to Know Your Muslim Neighbors

US airports on frontline as Trump immigration ban causes chaos and controversy

Homeland security says green card holders included as ACLU files lawsuit after two Iraqi men detained at New York City’s JFK airport despite having valid visas

Syrian children working in Lebanon face violence and 10-hour days, says IRC

International Rescue Committee finds Syrian refugee children whose parents are unable to get work sometimes toil through the night to support their families

Six richest nations ‘host just 9 percent of refugees’

Refugees on boat

“Poorer countries are shouldering the duty of protecting refugees when it should be a shared responsibility, but many richer countries are doing next to nothing.” An unprecedented 65 million people from around the world have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict, persecution and violence, the report said.