‘The help never lasts’: why has Mexico’s education revolution failed?

Education was meant to be president Enrique Peña Nieto’s flagship policy. Yet salaries are still being paid to ‘ghost teachers’ who never enter a classroom, while children lack the tools – and sometimes even the food – they need to learn

Syrian children working in Lebanon face violence and 10-hour days, says IRC

International Rescue Committee finds Syrian refugee children whose parents are unable to get work sometimes toil through the night to support their families

Biodiversity is below safe levels across more than half of world’s land – study

biodiversity is dangerously low

Habitat destruction has reduced the variety of plants and animals to the point that ecological systems could become unable to function properly, with risks for agriculture and human health, say scientists

World must tackle intolerance and exclusion, says Social Progress Index

US scores low on Social Progress Index

Finland came top and Central African Republic bottom of the index, which ranks 133 countries for how they meet citizens’ social and environmental needs

French minister warns of mass climate change migration if world doesn’t act

Hundreds of millions of people could be displaced by the end of the century due to conflict caused by global warming, says Ségolène Royal

Global life expectancy increases to 71.4 years

Life is getting longer, reports World Health Organisation, at the fastest rate since the 1960s