Dear America: Are You Ready to Grow Up?

Adults who are in charge of operating big things like countries in a complex world do this: Identify facts. Assess risk. Formulate strategies. Execute. Until now, there seems to have been any number of things preventing us from biting the bullet and growing up. How much suffering can be averted if we choose differently?

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Justice for all in the land of the free?

On this day 69 years ago the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, sketching the foundation of human rights law. Led by Eleanor Roosevelt, the United States played a critical role in bringing 48 nations together to enumerate a set of core individual rights and freedoms that we all reference to this day.…

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Red, White and Gasoline

Vehicles that use more gasoline are worse for climate change

As Americans drive more miles, they’re increasingly doing so in bigger cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, favoring the bulkier machines over small cars, hybrids and electric vehicles.

So far this year, about 75 percent of the people who have traded in a hybrid or electric car to a dealer have replaced it with an all-gas car, according to car shopping and research site That’s up from just 18 percent of trade-ins in 2015. Those all-gas cars, pickups and SUVs account for about 16.2 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions produced in the U.S., the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute estimated.

Buying a more fuel-efficient car is among the single most effective actions Americans can take to help fight climate change…

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