Salmon farming in crisis: ‘We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas’

Rare only 40 years ago, farmed salmon is now taken for granted in our kitchens. But the growth of the industry has come at great cost

Organic food sales soar as shoppers put quality before price

Retailers say demand is at its highest for a decade with popularity spreading from fruit and vegetables to other groceries

Bees an endangered species?

For the first time ever, bees are now considered an endangered species in the United States. On Friday, the Federal Register publicized the decision classifying seven types of the honey-producing insects endangered, noting that loss of habitat and competition with invasive non-indigenous insects had caused their numbers to dwindle in recent years. According to the Register,…

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Biodiversity is below safe levels across more than half of world’s land – study

biodiversity is dangerously low

Habitat destruction has reduced the variety of plants and animals to the point that ecological systems could become unable to function properly, with risks for agriculture and human health, say scientists

Deciphering The Mysterious Decline Of Honey Bees

In 2006 beekeepers in the United States reported that a mysterious affliction, dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD), was causing widespread die-offs of bees. In colonies affected by CCD, adult workers completely disappeared, although plentiful brood (developing bees) and the queen remained
Beekeepers expect some of their bees to die off from season to season – typically, around 17 percent annually. But in recent years, losses have been more than twice as high.

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