The futile vanities of Trump’s “mother of all bombs”

President Donald Trump’s “mother or all bombs” – the world’s biggest non-nuclear weapon – dropped on remote mountains in unfortunate Afghanistan has pulverized rocks, shattered local ecology and destroyed the habitat of rare animal and other species. It completely shattered everything in a one-mile radius and has affected life in an almost 30-mile periphery. It may…

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Is Donald Trump the man to promote peace with North Korea?

After Kim Jong-un’s failed missile test and the US president’s cosying up to China, this is the west’s chance to reset negotiations for a nuclear-free South China Sea

21st-century fox: how nature’s favourite outsider seduced the suburbs

Not so long ago, they were the pests that made a mess on the lawn. But now they have crept into our homes – their images on mugs, cushions and tea towels – and into TV adverts, fashion and literature